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was told it jumped time the belt isnt broke what do I need to do to fix it?
light will indicate 4x4 but not low range. tranny will go in low range but front axles will not turn
I was told it might be the pin needing replacement and that the transmission would need to be dropped to do this. Is this true?
My car has about 145,000 miles on igt. The code givin is pO442 SAY'S EVAORATIVE EMISSION SYSEM SMALL LEAK. What does this mean? Also When it is hot outside and running the air condition it the heat gauge will go u...
The thermostat. It never leaves water on the ground. There no signs of a leak.It just sounds so crazy. Head gasket seems to be fine,meaning the car runs really smooth. Plese help
my brother tried making it to arkansas in my car and some how he ripped the wires out from under the car plus the harness and i really need a car so im wandering about how much it would cost to fix it
The heads have been change, theres no water on any of the dip sticks.
The tailgate won't catch. I've tried WD-40 to see if it is just gunked up, but still cannot close it.
ok. the rear is leaking and i just repaired it with siclicone. now i need to fill it but i dont know the size of the bolt, is it special? second i have no power steering on the left side after a long road trip, idk if...
our 2002 kia sportage just went dead out of the blue and wouldnt crank back up so we replaced the fuel pump relays that vdidnt work so we replaced the fuel pump and it cranked and went about half mile and quit again s...
it will turn over but wont crank we have replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relays we are at a dead end can someone tell us what the problem may be. the code reader sent a diagnostic code of p1624 but we dont under...
running fine 2 days ago next day little bit of a rough idle today cutting out but not dieng firestone replaced plugs and diagnosed
the HOLD light on the dash comes on ramdily