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Fuel pump relay and fuses are good engine runs if I prime it with spray but fuel pump not getting power
It usually happens while I'm accelerating. Sometimes when the doors are locked, they will just unlock. But when I'm driving, it just constantly clicks like it's locking and unlocking itself
I found out it has a bad tank and lines how do I go about getting this repaired?
My sportage is in great shape and I want to keep it but need to find a reasonable price for hardtop. So far, I found comparable canvas top for apprx $350 and hardtop for $800. Any suggestions?
I have tried sockets & open end wrenches, they didn't work or boxed in wrenches. Nothing reaches very well, its very hard to get to without removing radiatior or something else
my car has been in the shop at least 5 times this summer and it has gotten to the point where i can't drive it farther then 20 or so miles. i have to be very careful when i accelerate or it will misfire and start jerk...
While driving a long distance my car will periodically lose power. I pull to the side of the road and rev the motor and so far it has always gotten power back. What could be causing this problem?
kia sportage 2001 changed convertor. worked great 1 wl. driving today and car will not travel over 20 miles and hours. shakes and sputters. temp very high. wil not go up hills at all. there is a belt making nois...