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I put new TPS on it.it has been seating for 4 years engine lite was on I put ODB code on it. it came up throttle system problem
I have a 1998 Kia it ran hot me me almost a week ago and now when i start to crank it it wont start. it sounds like it wants to but it wont. I put gas in it and the oil is good and so is the plugs. what do i do??
Blown tire on front driver side, torn off some wire under the front wheel well. repace the tire and reconnect the wires. It won't start. Tried jump start and it still won't start. what do I need to check next?
where is the vacuum hose to the 4 wheel drive located ? and how to fix it ???
check engine light is on. Auto zone gave me these codes. p1624-p0705-p0507. How expensive are these to repair and which should be fixed first?
need to see timing marks
checking to make sure timing is ok any help would be appr.hard to get running seems like once u get it going just hard to get started