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I did a compression check got a reading of 145 on cyl #1. (check ENG code Cyl#1 misfire). we replace injector,omed tested plug wire /coil pack check good within spec.range as per factory repair manual.(verified 12 vol...
took the car to mechanic then to dealer found other problems but didn't fix the one that started them what to do please help! 1000 dollars down the road still having same issues
sometimes not all the time
Hi can you take the sump off without removal of the engine also are the lifters hydrolic or solid shims
My girl friends car will start but the engine seems to shake badly and stalls very easily. Is this just an air filter problem our something serious?
The cabin light (which comes on when doors open) works for a while, and then won't. I've checked the door switches and they earth out. It won't work for several days, and then will start working again for a few days...
how does a front wheel bearing retainer work does it have anything to do with my four wheel drive