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I had this car for two weeks it was driving good, after being on the highway it started to slow down. It went down to 30 mph and now only pushing ten. I noticed the fuel filter was busted so i changed it and still not...
shifter can be in park reverse or drive the car tries to go forward,dipstick blew out spraying fluid on engine
Power engine and electrical got home looked radiTor cracked plastic replCed gauges bounce still runs bad and needs jump but won't stay charged
How do I remove the panel to access the the locking mechanism? Door handle inside doesn't work and I can see any screws
I se actuator work inside console whin I hit the brake and the button pushes but it wont shift
The is locked shut how do I get it open to get the door panel off
We have checked all belts, hoses, fluids. just had to replace AC condenser had vacuumed and recharged. Worked for day and had to change fuse. ran fine now 2 weeks in, AC slugs a car down yes but im going 50 mph on smo...
car sat for 2 hrs went 10 min drive heat on smell gas
car sat for 8 hours today drive home sat for 2 and 1/2 hours went 10 min drive smell gas in car
The Check engine light is on and my 2003 kia spectra 4 door sedan has diagnostic codes : P1403 At Auto zone code read DETECTION MODULE TANK LEAK VALVE CIRCUIT. What does this mean in plain english? Where is the proble...
Thermometer started to rise quickly. Was getting cold air when turning on heat.