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The check engine light is on. The clerk at O'Reilly's told me that the engine is saying "oxygen sensors" needed. How many?
just bought a new battery and now the brake light and battery light are staying on
After being parked for an extended period the rear driver's side wheel will not rotate.
The car idles rough below 2k rpms and has over 200k miles. There is a ticking noise and vibration that can be felt while holding the pcv valve. Going to replace the icv when part arrives.
Twice I was able to get back into reverse but the third time, had to get a push out of a driveway then just put it in drive. HELP
Got a diagnostic code of P0036 and changed the corresponding sensor Also changed the fuel pump and filter. It will crank no problem but won't start
Only one previous owner and just bought it in February. The knocking does not stop and speeds up when car is accelerated. It just got an oil change and the noise slightly lessened. It's constant.
I cut the cables from the parking brake but only one tire freed and now it wont shift out of park and the brake pedal goes right to the floor I knw i did not cut the main brakeline any ideas
suddenly died while driving. car crank but wont turn over. there's fuel and sparks. just changed the cam and crank position sensor, fuel pump, and fuel filter but still wont start. can anyone help or had same issues
Injectors in # 3 & 4 cylinders will not close enough or entirely when the engine is idling, floods engine and kills. Bigger problem when the vehicle is just starting, cold, driving at low speed, at a stop sign. Longer...
ventilation fan only runs on low or high speed
what type of tool to use to take brake caliper on 2003 kia spectra