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When doors locks used to unlock or lock. The back right passenger makes a loud rattling noise, as if it were all the doors
ABS light is on and the ESC light on the dash cluster says off and when I push the button to turn it on it will not come on, just says ESC off ???
My ac compressor started making a terrible noise. My car is under warranty so I took it to the dealership and each time they replaced it , it would make the same noise. After replacing it 3 x, yes 3 x, they told me ...
same code continues to come up after o2 sensors and cats have been replaced twice
The emergency brake cable was disconnected along with all the hardware at the rear end, but not replaced, and now it does not work. The plug protecting the brakes from water was also removed but not replaced. Is this...
when pumping gas at the pump it won't take the gas it just spits it back out
Was wondering the best way to change the starter in my 2007 Kia Sorento. It appears to be above the motor mount. Any help would be appreciated!
Keeps going and going had to disconnect car battery from terminal to stop issue pulled fuse didnt stop it any ideas?
As of now, when I shift into reverse or into drive the car clunks. Then when I accelerate, it vibrates and starts to make a chirping type sound that goes away once I get going about 30mph. I was thinking it might be...