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Engine shakes and has no power. Engine codes Poo22,P0021, P0057, P0128, P0018. what can I check and what do I replace?. All Timing components changed 9,000 miles ago.
Heres the vin kndjc736175672120
does anyone know what the issues might be so I'm not just shooting in the dark???
The heater is going and will reduce output on and off. It has been needing jumped several times. I jumped it today at 5:30 and left it run for an hour. When I pulled in my garage and shut it off, it will not start. Wh...
The door is very heavy and hard to hold up with 1 hand use the other hand to navigate putting items in and out.
This has happened twice so far. while driving all of a sudden all dash lights go on and the gauges stop working (the fuel gauge goes to E, etc.). I have to get home fast or it will die. It can sit for a day or two a...
the raido plays but the screen is black so you don't no what station you are getting.
won't stay started and has to be charged to start don't know what the heck called dealership and they were worthless told me to tow it in...50 miles to dealership... never had problem now won't start or nothing so dis...
ac will not blow out cold air on driver side but works fine on passenger side and in the back
doors lock all the time by itself, never unlock just lock....