repairing a broken off crankshaft pulley bolt

My display lights are out and I cannot turn on the heat or air.

My headlights have been needing replaced about every 6 months. Usually one side burns out, 3 mo later the other side, then 3 mo later back to the first one. I even tried replacing both with the expensive bulbs but that has made no difference.

All the time

Vin# KNDJC733X65574515

Compressor not running

won't go over 15 miles per hur

I put in drive rev up the motor nothing thats in every gear its not pulling the shifting rod on the transmission at all

Car is not running rough. Can this still be the issue of light?

Fixed and a new radiator put in.. I pick it up and now my engine is shaking make sounds it never made and check engine lights on ...took it back he said it a vacuum leak and its a recall can u please help me I don't no what to believe..

One door lock now both (back seat doors)are making a rapid locking noise when I start the car and when I lock and unlock the doors. Is this common in this type of suv?

After it'll start the jerking its not at any certain speed it'll do it all the way down to 1mph. Ill shut it of and then drive again it'll be fine for a minute then it'll start after a few miles. After starting it today the brakes went all the way to the floor then I'd pump them and they gained pressure. It's a family car is it safe or please help