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1999 Kia Sephia Question: kia sephia

the car turns over an runs great in the morning i drive it for a li bit an shut it off it turns over real slow an wont start unless i let it sit for an half hour i have replaced the starter batery and ground wire still no luck the car is showing a coad for coil pack could that be my problem . someone please help this car is driving me nuts -
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A proper diagnosis will benefit you best. You've obviously thrown parts at the car with no luck. Yes the coil pack could be your issue, but until a reputable shop checks it, there's no way to tell. -
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i took it to a shop an thy said it was the starter so i had them replace it it ran good for about to days an then it started doing it again so i took it to another shop an thy said it needed a batery and new ground the date on the batery was 2003 so i figurd that was probly it.so insted of paying them to do it i choseto do it my self do u thank its posibel that i didnt get it grounded goog cuz the old ground jus went to the batery box and was all rusted so i put the new ground to the top of the tranny were ther was another smaller ground wire -
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