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It says that the Cooing Fan Assembly is defaulted and/or the relays.
When tested it shows a OBD Code PO480.
2009 Kia Sedona my right headlight is burned out. I would like to replace this myself and would like some help in doing so.
I've noticed when I try to accelerate the vehicle hesitates then just speeds up quickly. When starting my vehicle the engine revs like someone is steping on gas real quick. Not always happening but often enough. Also...
the parts store can only pull up a tension pully and they look the same. are they interchangeable or are they different. the idler pully is wore out and is making this high pitch screaming sound while its running and...
Just started happening, check engine light came on
can I program a keyless remote for my 2009 KIA Sedona or do I need to go to a locksmith or dealer? Also does my ignition key have a chip or not?