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passenger side works, locks work, fuse ok
What is the coat to replace timing belt?
The belts have been replaced when I remove my foot of gas seems to Calm the noise
It gets some smoke like when it going to start and it doesn't.
I had it put on a diagnostic test, but mechanic said the codes that showed wouldn't have caused this problem. It has stalled twice now, and the 2nd time it was hard to get it started again, but then I was able to driv...
I got an alignment but it continues to eat my tires.
you can see light behind it but nothing on the face of the cd player and you can not do anyhting to it so how do i get it to work again. somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My wife rear ended someone a few weeks ago and since then the horn does not work at all, the a/c does not blow out cold air, and the windshield wiper fluid does not come out at all on front or back windshield.
Brought car in because was idling rough when cold and acted like the O2 sensors were malfunctioning. Loss of power in cold/wet on initial acceleration. Technicians said the "sensors were fine." So I Just got my regula...
replaced tires in front replaced wheel bearing and got front end alignment still doing it