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My 2004 KIA Sedona EX makes a road noise when going forward at any speed. Both front tires are in good shape and alignment is good as well.
the check engine light came on for a while then set and went off any ideas whats the problem may be.
Dianostic code P0181
engine will start and then die while driving and sometimes while its idleing
What is this code P0714
I live in a very cold climate and for last few days my antifreeze has been freezing therefore the van is overheating. In the fall we by-passed the lines going back to rear heater core as there was leak and the lines ...
How much does it cost to replace the air conditioning compressor?
My gas gauge is not reading correctly
engine quit driving down the road. Will start and run as long as key is in start position. when released to run, engine stalls. happened twice when raining. tps getting wet?. Where is tps located?
Fuel Level Sensor A Circuit Range/Perf Code: PO731 Where is this sensor located and can I change it myself?
how do i access plugs against fire wall
i left the air sensor uunpluged for a small 3 mile trip and now the ckeck eng light is on would like to reset the computer.....thanks steve roshog@aol.com
po124 low input voltaje the rpm is low and light is on
usually the Auto reverse gear turns off my car!
My question is we had our van put on the computer and they told me it was a spark sensor that was bad on the car we replaced it and now the motor has a rapping noise to it what went wrong or what is wrong with it now ?