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What kind of repairs are usual
How do you read check engine codes?
Motor seems to run fine. The heater works and the blower works but no cold or even cool air will come out at all. Help!!! It's hot in Texas!
Just did a tune-up, Filters, oil, plugs & wires and had a new fuel filter installed. Now the engine seems to run smooth at low rpm's but seems to choke out occasionally. Then after letting it sit for a while, it runs ...
It gets hot then cools keeps doing that what could cause that only vehicle got 4 kids please help
It all started when my sister put her van battery in backwards Smh, it sparked a lot & the horn was blasting. The batteries keep dying after driving a few miles each day. We've replaced the alternator, the belts, all ...
had a neighbor say he could do wheel-bearing job for $375.00
IN the extreme cold weather in Milwaukee/Chicago, KIa heating element seems to be very uneffficient. o heatup inside, I start my van at least 15 mins early in the morning to tske my kids to school, but warm air does n...
My mechanic is charging me $785.00 to repair the crankshaft sensor, ignition fire sensor and the camshaft sensor, is this a reasonable price
PLEASE HELP! Have a 04 Kia Sedona LX. It broke down,& mechanic said code was bad Crankshaft sensor; replaced. After that no power and bad gas mileage. Have since spent $2000 over the last 2 months with 3 reputable mec...
I have a 2004 Kia Sedona mini van I turned on the heat and the blower motor comes on in the front and the back the heat in the back works fine but I have no heat in the front what could be the problem?
I noticed today I had a puddle of antifreeze under my van I opened the hood and it was comming from the overflow bucket. theres no smell of antifreeze in the van and it doesnt over heat what could cause this? plea...
It had code p0122 and code p0301.I changed the throttle positioning sensor but i still got the same codes.What other problems could cause this iam stumped