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Why is there oil in my spark plugs, loss of power, but no smoke coming from the engine?
But there is no smoke coming from the car
I replaced the bulb in my high mount brake light and it still does not work. Both right and left brake lights do work. Any solutions would be appreciated.
When the car is on but idling, no leak. But when I drive around it leaks drips from sloshing. If I park the car on a downhill or tilted so the drivers side is below the passenger side, it pours! Can't find the leak an...
its not a small fuse. Its a big one with that plugs in like you are pluged something up to a outlet. the flashers keep going off and on. I got the part just dont know where to put it
After the car has started after 2 minutes I hear a squealing noise, only at initial start up do I hear this.
Where in the world is the hazard flasher unit located at. I found the turn signal flasher but not the hazard warning one. Thanks
How do I remove the rear brake drum from my son's 2001 Kia Rio?? There are no extra holes in the face of the rotor, just the 4 threaded lug nut (bolt) holes.