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I just installed a new clutch disk, pressure plate and throw out bearing and the clutch pedal is stiff and can not be pushed. I checked the arm coming out of the tranny that holds the throw out bearing and it cannot b...
Door actuator makes a buzz-noise when locked or unlocked. Now the driver door does not lock automatically, and key fob will not work the locks.
i pulled the fuel line off the fuel rail and little fuel came out it has a in tank fuel filter and pump set up
The air conditioning unit is locking up and makes a horrible noise. It is also starting to smoke and smell god awful.
the car wouldn't start but has a little gas from the gas hand.
I replaced the starter n battery n still clicks...what is wrong with the car
This is the only time it causes a problem cranking.
car acts and sounds as though it is not recieving fuel. checked the fuel line coming off of fuel rail and pump works properly. checked all spark plugs and can see noticable spark from 4 of the 6 plugs would this cause...
they ate staying on constantly... and my cruise control will not set!!
While im driving, i get up to 30mph and the car begins to shake. I let go of the gas pedal slowly and it stops. Sometimes it shakes really bad sometimes it shakes just a little. The shaking seems like its coming from ...
where can an evap control system pressure sensor high be purchased
I had my car serviced recently and my mechanic informed me of the condition of the sub frame. Its rotted out pretty bad. Im not sure if its gotten worse since the recall work was done. He suggests replacing the sub fr...