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why does the mileage stay lit when car is off on the odomoter constantly is this normal if not what would the problem be??
how to take old belt off and put new one on this would be the serpinten belt ac,power steering ,and crank
car runs but wont go, no power chk engine light was on constant meter code read cylander#2 misfire
Basically that it. When Ever I run the AC the check engine light comes on, but not when I run the heat.
while driving there is a hesitation during accelleration. check engine light on. i replaced mass airflow and it is still hesitating, kia dealer said they weren't sure thought the fuel pump needed to be changed. any...
V6 2.7L engine with automatic. When the transmission is in drive and car not moving, the engine will occasionally "stutter" for a second or two. It will do this multiple times while not moving. It's not consistent;...
I would like to know what would cause my car to jerk and idle up and stay above 3 ram?
I have a 2004 Kia Optima 2.4 L 4 cylinder DOHC, and I have located the 2 spark plugs on the drivers side of the engine, but where are the other 2 spark plugs located?
my 2004 Kia Optima was over heating (never got the the red zone on thermostate), but still had coolant,and the checked the hoses too. Also the later that same day my alternator belt brok so my car wouldnt start and th...
My drivers side door will not open at all. It will not open with the key, the inside handle or the outside handle.
Hi i have a 04 kia optima and it has about 100,00 miles. and for about 8 months now it hasnt been starting everytime you put gas in it. but if u dont put gas in it, it runs great but now every time i put it reverse it...
there is ticing sound when i steer to left or right
About 4 months ago my 2004 Kia Optima stating intermittantly overheating while driving. It did, however, blew a head gasket and radiator several weeks after that. The dealership repair the engire and replaced the ra...
My steering wheel shakes upon acceleration only between 60 to 65 MPH. Over 65, it quits shaking; decelerating, it quits shaking. I just had the tires balanced. Any ideas?