Keys Stuck in th ignition on 1994 GMC Vandura 2500

The key is stuck in the ignition now. I went to start it up and the key never returned down to the relaxed postion. I couldnt even put the van into gear. The only way to cut it off was by disconnecting the battery cable and the key is still stuck in start postion. I tryed turning the wheel all the way to the left and right still no luck. tryed wiggling til my thumb went raw. Ill be walking til yall answer. thank you.

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the lock cylinder mechanism has seized. common on older units. take it to a shop and they will change the lock cylinder. not too expensive. we do it for around 150 parts and labor.

Do you have a location in my area?
sorry, in phila. pennsylvania. i am a master tech with pepboys. you should be able to find one out there.
good luck

ok so far ive gone to replace the steering wheel column and i can't get the new column in the socket because of all the play in the knuckle. i can start to replace things if i could get that done any tips??? Tryed to widen the knunckle afarid to stress it becausse its cast aluminum right??? Do I need grease or a special tool??