keyless lock problem on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Despite having changed the remote keyless entry battery my keyless system doesn't work, it makes the horn honk, lights go on but the locks don't respond at all. It does work the back door on the van, so I'm puzzled. thanks, McKay

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When my keyless entry system doesn't work, one obscure fix I've found is simply to remove a fuse in the fuse block next to the battery. It's called the "IOD" fuse, which means "Ignition Off Draw". Just remove it for several seconds and reinstall; then try your keyless entry system. It kills power to the Body Control Module (BCM), resets it, and then allows its program to work correctly again.
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This is a known problem in the 2005, the BCM (body control module?) goes out and electrical systems inside the van start to go out, beginning with the power door locks, this should be a recall item, but apparently Dodge enjoys the $500 repair money more, so far I've had mine replaced twice and reprogrammed twice, still no power locks.
Most likely a problem with the receiving unit for the power locks. That part will probably need to be replaced. It's likely that the doors and the rear door have a different receiving unit.

It might have to be re-programmed. My grand daughter got hold of mine and after pushing the buttons several different times it messed up the computer that operates the key less remote. I had to take it to the dealer to get it repaired. Cost was around $100.00. She doesn't get to play with the keys anymore.