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2000 Dodge Caravan Question: Key won't turn at all

I can't get my key to turn in the ignition at all. I'd replace the lock cylinder but in order to do that the key has to be in the run position, which I can't do. What should I do? I've tried lube, I've tried tapping, I've had a new key made at the dealer. I've jiggled the steering (which is now locked) My car is stuck in Park. I've used an air cleaner thing to blow out any dust. I'm stuck. Please help! -
Answer 1
tapping on the end of the key is a good trick. do not hit it hard. if not, we drill out the pin that releases the lock cylinder. takes time but does minimal damage. Roy -
Answer 2
get a screw driver and give it approximately 10 good taps. Works on mine evry time -
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