2001 Volvo S40 Q&A

2001 Volvo S40 Question: Key will only turn in ignition part way - cannot turn to start, only electrical

only can turn key in ignition far enough on to start electrical items cannot turn key all the way to start car -
Answer 1
You likely need a new ignition lock cylinder. This will need to go to a shop to have it replaced. If you need help finding one, I suggest you look here: http://repairpal.com/volvo-within-10-miles-of-95403 Good Luck -
Answer 2
The gears handle has a spring. If it is stuck in, it will cause the ignition key to be stuck too. Try to release out the gears handle, and the ignition key will be free to turn on or to remove it. It happened to my Volvo S70 (1998). -