Key Will Not Come Out of Ignition on Ford Fusion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the key will not come out of ignition, this may be related to problems with the shifter knob sticking and / or binding of the shifter bezel. Replace the shifter knob and / or shifter bezel as needed.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 86,738 (33,000–172,000)
6 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, more2013, 2014
52 people reported this problem
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This should be covered under s recall!
Key stuck due to transmission not locking. Removed silver ring from around the shifter button.
Silver ring around shifter thumb button, will not let shifter disengage all the way. I pulled the silver ring out and it has one tab broken off. Now I just make sure the button comes out when I put it in park and I can hear the ignition unlock. Haven't gotten it fixed really just dealing with it.
The Key is stuck and will not turn enough to pull out
Key stuck in the ignition. Same problems with the silver ring. Very expensive fix for a common problem among 2006 Fusion owners! Ford, are you listening?
same thing happened. i looked it up and found a lot of other people had the same problem. its a little plastic ring around the button thats broken. pull it off and pick the broken piece out of the handle. mine worked just fine after that.
This is the problem I am having, thanks for the good info...
I parked my car in my driveway. Went to pull the key out and it was stuck. I had to leave my key in my car, unlocked all night. I went inside and got on the internet. I found someone who said that it was the silver ring around your automatic shifter button. They said pull the ring out slightly and you can get your key out. guess what it worked.They replaced entire automatic shifter.
sometimes it comes out and sometimes it doesnt
When I put car in park and shut off car key doesn't come out of ignition, then I have to push harder for car to go in park sometimes it takes up to 3 or 4 times then it will come out... But I'm scared one day it's not going to.
Had same problem, key would not come out of ignition. Took it to Ford Service center, they wanted $118 just to look at it. Three men looked at it and no one knew about this problem. My brother, a mechanic, checked on internet, looked at it and found out about the shifter problem. He rigged it so I could drive it and get key out, until part came in. Its fine now. Ford should have a recall on this and they should fix it for us. Very frustrating and scary not being able to get your key out of the ignition.
Key is stuck in ignition
took ring off problem gone
I'm still trying to get the key out. I will look at the shift stick to see if something is broken.
bad shift button key won't come out
Yep! Key was stuck in ignition. I pulled on the silver button on the shifter..and voila..it had been stuck in the "in" position. Problem fixed! Key came out. Very happy!!!!
Car ran fine, key wouldn't come out multiple times. I began panicking, tried to turn car "on" lights ran but nothing, put it in drive than park again, key came out.
Just been moving shifter in all directions to get my key out. I will try today when it happens to remove the ignition fuse . It seems to be doing this ALL the time when Im using my car. What the hell ford we dont need this shit to happen to us!
Remove broken chrome trim tab frome shifter knob and reinstall trim works great thks
Had no problem , then last week bam the key would not come out of ignition .talk to a couple of mechanics and they said about the same as you are saying about the little silver ring . How many does Ford have to break before it recalls since we have all had the same problem ? Oh , for the record I have not got this thing fixed . The Ford company wants an arm and leg and first born to fix the problem.