key turns but nothing is coming from starter. Radio,lights all work not startig on 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

1999 montero sport 3.0 v6 when i get in and put key in light, widows, radio, all is working and tried a jump still nothing no sound from starter like no issue then as i started after wife and kids just did not turn the starter CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP email is

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What trans. Auto. or manual? If manual roll start it. If auto try moving shifter to neutral then turn key wiggle shifter.
Suspect starter if that don't help. If you do get it started go to auto repair shop and get it fixed.
One more thing you can try if you know where starter is knock the hell out of it with a hammer then try to start.
Yes for real !!
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seek diag and est from your mech
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