Lincoln MKZ Problem Report

Lincoln MKZ The Ignition Key May Become Stuck in the Ignition Lock Cylinder

(25 reports)

The ignition key may become stuck in the ignition lock, possibly associated with a binding shifter bezel. Our technicians tell us that if the shifter knob is sticking or the shifter bezel is binding the affected part should be replaced.

Key stuck in ignition, the trans shifter works fine, car starts fine, just can't remove key! -
key stuck in ignition, only comes out when disconnect battery cables,taking to dealer next week -
Key won't come out of ignition -
key stuck in ignition, no advance warning just parked and wouldn't come out. The cost to fix $735, how crazy is that? Shouldn't happen on a vehicle with this low milage -
Could not remove key from ignition. After calling dealer to see what could be the problem (with no call back). I pried the chrome oval around the shifter and removed the small broken pieces that were left inside (tabs). Never had problem again! -
Shifter sticking in park, key stuck in ignition. -
key wont come out, steering wheel and shifter not locked.. sounds like the shift button is stuck.. like report number 1 -
Key stuck in ignition switch, I had ot disconnect battery to emove key. -
key stuck in ignition -tries moving steering wheel - in and out of gears,will not come out! -
Key stuck in the ignition, unable to remove key. Have to take it to the dealership. -
Key stuck in the ignition and shifter works fine. This problem started this morning and there have been times that it does come out. -
Key is stuck in ignition. -
Key would not come out; shifter knob stuck; physically hit it (did not have a hammer handy) and blew in graphite. Works most to the time since, but not trust it more than a temporary fix. Now to call a good mechanic... -
The ignition key would not come out. The seats would not retract back when the vehicle was turned off. -
I can turn the car on and off but cannot remove the keys from the ignition. -
My key is sticking. If I drive it around after putting it in park and shutting it off I can get it out. -
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