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2010 Chevrolet Equinox Question: Key stuck in ignition

2010 Equinox has 10,333 miles key will not release from ignition. It will turn off the vehicle but key will not come out of the ignition. Does not happen every time but is getting more frequent. Will have to wait and wrestle the wheel, when it gets ready to release it....it will let me have the key. SO frustrating. Help. -
Answer 1
You are still under warranty so can you take it in to the dealership? Also, try another key to verify it's the ignition lock and not the key. -
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Same result with either key. Taken to dealership and of course it won't happen there. Until they can duplicate the problem they won't/can't help. Darn it is aggravating. -
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How often is this occurring? -
Answer 2
I have the same problem and have taken it to the dealer 5 different times and all 5 times have replaced the ignition lock cylinder, it will work for 2-3 weeks and start again...as I am typing this, my car is in the shop for the same problem... -
Answer 3
press the shifter button and listen for a click.....the click is release for the key(so you can only take the key out while in park)......if you press and release the button it should click and allow you to take the key out -
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There were 2 coins in the shift handel track, keeping the lever from going all the way forward and clicking completly, my total miles are 36,007... Thank you, mike -
Answer 4
Mine was doing the same thing...after replacing the ignition cylinder (in which I told them was not the issue!) they found it was the Park/Neutral solenoid. There is now a service bulletin with this issue. Mine seems to be ok now! -
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i have a 2010 equinox mine do the same. who did your work -
Answer 5
key cylinder is most often the problem also problem can be in gear shifter release button hanging up to find which is cause the problem when key wont come out tap on gear sifter listen for click if not key cylinder is cause dont spray any lub in key cylinder it will only make it worse if you can remove key cylinder take care not loose small parts clean inspected key cylinder with key in and all tumbler line up check gm website for updated key cylinder or remove one tumbler at a time till you find the tumbler that is causing the problem or spring retainer could be loose -
Answer 6
Put a hot dog in it and pull it out slowly turning it -
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