Key stuck in ignition on 1994 Chrysler LHS

I can't. remove the key from the ingnition and the steering lock is also not engaging. The shifter (console type) also feels sticky (rough moving).

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Have you ever spilled coffee or soda on your center console and down into the shifter? If so that could be the reason your shifter is sticking, the sticking shifter could also be the reason you cannot remove the key from the ignition. It is sometimes possible to remove the shifter assembly and wash it under hot water to remove the sticky residue. If the shifter is the problem and it cannot be cleaned it may need to be replaced.
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Happened to me when my oldest son returned from a "trip with friends". Seeing as he kept trying to get the key out of the ignition, he actually broke the key and left the other half still in the steering column (would like advice on getting that out!!).
Anyway - when the shifter button is depressed and the shifter is moved to the "PARK" position, sometimes the release button will not fully disengage. I've found that if you "tap" the side of the shifter opposite the release button, that will disengage it and you'll be able to turn your car off, take your key with you (all of it...), then lock it up and be on your way.
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Christopher Davis
happened to me too, simply turn the wheel to the right or left while simultaneously turning the key to the off postion and it will come right out