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2006 Ford Escape Question: key stuck in ignition

about three weeks ago my key started to get stuck in the ignition. i was able to get it out after a few trys but now its been sytuck for three days. everything else seems to be fine. -
Answer 1
A couple of things to check: see if the shifter is detented completely into park; sometimes a binding shift lever (cola sticks the mechanism exteremly well). The next most common issue is a bent key, even just slightly will bind the tumblers in an ignition cylinder. -
Comment 1
I have the same problem. the key won't come out and the ignition will not turn back all the way when it happens only lets you turn it forward. -
Comment 2
I've had the same problem for 2 years. My friend has a Fusion and it happens to her too. She told me after the car is off to shift to drive, then back to park. 90% of the time the key will come out. The other 10% I leave the key in the car. I have a detachable key chain and I put the automatic door opener on the other 1/2 then lock the door from the outside. -
Answer 2
Have a few other people try to get it out. For some reason, my wife can get it out and I can't. This has been a recurring issue for us - always when you least expect it. -
Answer 3
I have the same problem until I can get it to the shop, I remove the ignition fuse and the key comes out fine. Then put the fuse back in. its a pain but until I get it looked at this is my band aid -
Answer 4
depress and quickly release (snap) button on shifter knob. This worked on 1996 Ford Fusion with 99K miles. -
Answer 5
Same problem on my 2009 Ford Escape. Noticed with the engine off I could move the shifter out of park, which should not happen. After working the shifter until it locked into park I was able to remove the key. Hope the problem does not get worse! -
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