key stuck in ignition on 1997 Honda CR-V

my car wont release the key what can i do???

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Try jiggling the steering wheel a bit, if that doesn't help then you need to take your Honda to a shop here are some suggestions
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i also have the same problem before. what i did was to check on the shifting lever. it might be that the shifting cam is worn-out and prevent the shifting lever to rest on the right position.
Try pushing on the shift lock release. Also check if something is stuck at the base of the shifter next to the ignition, one time there was a hair tie stuck in mine. A few months later my crv was stuck in gear again and the problem ended up being the shift linkage. I had to replace it. You can shift it into park from under the car where the cable goes into the tranny.
try stepping down on the brake and turning the wheel. That usually works for me