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2006 Ford Fusion Question: key stuck

key stuck in ignition -
Answer 1
that happened to me had to take it in to ford and had to replace the starter. u just keep putting in drive to park and when in park wiggle the shifter -
Answer 2
what you do is that silver button on the stick shiffer take it out nad the key will come out -
Answer 3
i had this same problem, i gripped the key and the shifter and wiggled them both at the same time, key came out after about 5 seconds of doing this, hopefully this helps you -
Answer 4
the button to shifter is getting stuck need to push button in and out hard untill it pops out where it should be and key will come out. car has a safety switch that wont allow key to be removed if button is not all the way out. had same problem before hope this helps. -
Answer 5
The cut the shifter button sits in is plastic. When it gets hot in the sun and then when you press the button really hard, the cup breaks and the lock does not retract. $172.51 at Grapevine Ford (Grapevine, TX). Replaced shifter button. -
Answer 6
same thing happened to me, the silver button was stuck in half way..i got frustrated and hit it till the button was no longer stuck..haven't had a problem with it since.. -
Answer 7
Same issue on my 2006, there is a ring on the shifter button that is probably cracked. You can remove the ring that is around the button and turn it around and put it back and what this will do is enable the button to come all the way out. This will let the car go into park and you will be able to release the key. no money at all only 2 minute fix. -
Comment 1
Works !!!! Thanks. -
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