1993 Chrysler Concorde Q&A

1993 Chrysler Concorde Question: key removal

When I turn off the car the key sometimes will not turn all the way off and I can no get the key out. -
Answer 1
You may not be completely in park -
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If the ignition key does not turn and/or cannot be removed, a new lock cylinder may be needed. A worn key can also cause similar problems.
On ocassion my car car wil not start. This last time I turned the key three times back and forth and then on the 4th I turned it all the way to the start position and it started. How do I know for ...
Is there an easier way other than a drill to remove ignition cylinder to get a key cut, kids got no $
Hard starting after being turned off for short time. Has to cool off before starting again. I replaced the cam and crank sensor.