Dodge Intrepid Problem Report

Dodge Intrepid Ignition Key Will not Turn or Cannot be Removed From Lock Cylinder

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If the ignition key does not turn and/or cannot be removed, a new lock cylinder may be needed. A worn key can also cause similar problems.

the fix was to remove the housing around the shift gear button as it was not allowing to release the button fully. no cost. -
Have to bang on the key and turn at the same time for the to turn the egnition on -
Starting to have this key not able to be turned in the ignition issue with my Intrepid. Today it took multiple tries to get the key to turn in the ignition...thankfully it did! Hope it continues working until I can get it in for service. -
key will not turn the ignition, once in awhile it will work if im lucky,but now it does not want to turn at all, how can you get the ignition out if you can't turn it ? -
ignition will not turn -
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