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2011 Ford Focus Question: key is stuck in the ignition

when u disconnect battery it comes out but when u hook it back up key is stuck anyone have a idea what it could be -
Answer 1
When the shifter is put in park, it is supposed to remove the power to the key lock actuator. The shifter lock switch is the component that should be responsible for that. The switch is at the bottom of the shifter housing, and cold be dirty or bad. -
Comment 1
Now my question is how do you remove the console to get to the switch. I did find a diagram of console but no directions on how to remove it! Thanks!!! -
Comment 2
If you haven't done one it's hard to explain. Ther might be a video on YouTube search, or try www.alldatadiy,com. There is a fee to use it or a friend that might be familiar with interior trim. -
Comment 3
ok thank you! -
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