1991 Acura Legend Q&A

1991 Acura Legend Question: Keep losing all my water in radiator.

No heat til car been running 20 or 30 min. Replaced thermostat, coolant temperature sensor and 2 hoses. Overflow bottle is nearly full. Runs at normal temp for a few minutes then temp gauge goes up to redline for just a few seconds and then back to normal. Lost all my coolant for the 3rd time...Besides this the IACV needs replacing as the engine races up and down in Park. -
Answer 1
maybe the head gasket is blown -
Answer 2
Idle problems may be due to air in cooling system. Fix coolant problem (check for headgasket as stated) then address idle problem as needed. -
Answer 3
DO NOT DRIVE CAR ANYMORE TILL YOU FIND COOLANT LEAK!. You probably have blown headgasket by now. You need to take it to a professional repair shop and have it tested for a blown headgasket. -
Answer 4
tow car to your mech and have it ck'd for headgasket issues -