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2001 Chevrolet Blazer Question: Keep getting P0440 code

I got 440 code, had a smoke test done, repalced vapor lines. light came back on 3 days later with same p0440 code. had vent valve replaced. light came back on 2 days later. same code again... please help -
Answer 1
Surely the gas cap has been replaced with one from GM. SURELY. Have seen aftermarket caps fail right out of the box! -
Comment 1
So your thinking its just the gas cap? Even though I have already had 2 smoke test done? That would b great, considering I have already spent $350 in repairs in 2 weeks all for the light to come bck on. :( -
Comment 2
Fixed several with just a simpe fractory gas cap replacement! Fixed one for a customer that had spent 500.+/ with a gas cap!! This is just a guess but one to consider. This was an Impala 2002. Smoke test can be very effective IF at that time failure is present!! -
Comment 3
I will try that thank u, wish me luck ;-) -
Comment 4
You got it! -
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