Justhad 2000 Intrepid detailed, including engine shampoo. however, when the on 2001 Dodge Intrepid

rpm hits 3000, it starts to sputter. Ican get to 75 mph. I checked all the connectors under the engine and seem to be ok. I've been advised to check vacuum lnes? any help? Car ran fine beforehand

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The first question is, do you have a "check engine" light on? If so, have you gone to someplace to have the code(s) read? If so, what were they? Moving forward not knowing the answers to those questions, I wil tell you my "best guess". Best guess would be you have small cracks in your spark plug wires, water got into the wire(s) under the insulation, and its misfiring due to inability to carry higher voltage loads under acceleration & at higher engine RPM's. Sometimes they dry out on their own - takes a couple days - sometimes they don't. If not, you'll have to replace the wires. Vacuum lines that are disconnected/broken usually cause a slightly higher idle, if the hose was small; the engine would not start/die if it was a bigger hose.
yes the check engine light came on too. not sure of the codes just yet as I am 2.5 hours from civiliztion for work. going to mechanics in a week. As well, when you first start the car it takes a second or two longer to start, usually it fires right away. thanks for info and I will check the wires tomorrow.