Just to be sure if my stabilizer bar bushing need to be replaced? on 2003 Saturn Ion

When I turn the wheel or make a light turn I hear this creaking or scraping I wish I can try to describe the noise but can't! :( my mechanic had my car on his hoist to do something else and noticed they looked a lil shot also said it not a safety issue? I took my car to a shop jus around the corner from his shop to have another opinion I mentioned wut he said thinks its the Same thing. I jus gotta be sure I'm hopin they can hold out till Thursday at most till I get my money cause I do want to take care of this thnkx in advance

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Have a mechanic test drive your car, ride along and ask "what is that noise" when you hear it!!! Can't tell you anythng else!
Jus gonna scrap it
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Have a mechanic test drive your car, ride along and ask "what is that noise" when you hear it!!! Can't tell you anythng else!
Jus gonna scrap it
seek an est alone with a frt end alignment
Jus gonna scrap it
If the sway bar bushings are doing that, then it should be doing it driving down the road. Are your ball joints sealed or can you grease them. I see a lot of cars with ones that are sealed with no grease fittings dry out and start making noise while turning. Can't here your noise, just a comment.
I'm not sure if its that but i do kno that I heard a almost similar noise to wut I'm hearin now it turned out to be a link that connected to the stabilizer bar on that day he changed it was perfect no noise this was replaced jus last month
OK; Like I say I can't hear the noise. Sounds like you have your own answer. A stabilizer/sway bar helps keep the vehicle from swaying while driving, same principal as shocks do, help stabilize the suspension while driving. So turning pivots the wheels. Huh sorry!
I just want to kno if the sound I'm describing is the bushings
Maybe someone else will answer. Gave my opinion, You said it sounded the same as before, so i'm sorry I gave my opinion, and a reason for it. I can't see or hear it.
I understand that u can't hear it and I'm also not tryin to be rude here as well jus concerned that's all this is my first car and i already put 3 grand into it
I'm trying to not be trouble; If the link is bad change it. Just stating as my first response; Should be doing it all the time, not just on turns. If it's bad it needs to go, irreguardless of question.
But that's the thing the link was already replaced I was usin it as an example of the noise I was hearin , I just want to make sure the bushings won't break on me that's all I don't kno anything about car part how much they r or how long they last !! Whatever I'm told is the issue I get it replaced and that y 2nite I wanted ur opinion to make sure if it is the stabilizer bar bushings
Thought you were talking about the other side was bad now. Then I go back to the ball joint issue, Get in touch with a front end specialist not just a general mechanic. Usually that's all they do. Worked with a front end man at Sears many years ago, won't say how many, but many, many. Learned a lot from him when I was younger. That's all he did, and he knew front ends. After doing this for so long, people can hear a car in a parking lot, or going down the road, and recognize a noise, and diagnose the problem as they drive by. It's pretty cool when someone pulls up to the shop with a noise, and you already know what the problem is. Good luck.
But just to say I been told ball joints make a clunk noise r u sure its that?