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2002 Kia Sportage Question: just put fuel pump on not getting fire to the pump

not the computet sy -
Answer 1
What is a 'computet sy'? and why was the fuel pump replaced.It has numerous items controling it , including the PCM , fuse(s) and at least one relay. How have you tested the circuit? Do you have the proper wiring and cicuit operation information? -
Comment 1
yes i do. its at a mechanic shop he said he can noy fix it. -
Comment 2
get it to a shop that is equipped to properly diagnose and fix the problem.ANDagain I ask why was the fuel pump replaced ...was it a 'most likely guess' by your mechanic or was it DIAGNOSED as failed --meaning circuit to it was good at the time? -
Comment 3
it do not want to start and i got the new fuel pump.put new pump on did not get fire to it.the mechanic has a diagnose.my dad said pay ignition coil on ebay.when it comes in.im going to take it to the mechanic to put on. -
Comment 4
never mind................diagnose....................will be less expensive than guessing. -
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