Just purchased the Dodge Caravan SXT w/dvd player the player works but no sound? on 2006 Dodge Caravan

I just purchased the 2006 Grand Caravan SXT and it had no owners manuel with it and the dvd player will play the movie but we can't get the volume to come on. The picture is perfect but we can't get the volume to turn on is it something I have to do to turn the sound on the dvd player cause we push the < > buttons but nothing happens?

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I have the same van. Volume is controlled by the radio. I start the dvd and dial in the volume on the FM side down in the 80s setting...sorry can't remember exactly which one.
Thanks I found it. It's 88.5 for me Thanks for the help. Have a great day. :)
I just purchased the 2006 SXT a couple of months ago, and the DVD sound just went out. Radio and CD still work with no issues, but the DVD itself no longer does. How did you go about changing the settings? every time I try to switch from DVD to radio to change the station the DVD shuts off... Thanks!