just purchased car on 1999 Lexus RX300

codes p0300-302-304-306-p1351-p1354-p1730 . should i freakout or pray? nice car but worried have to get inspection next week. engine light on.fix or run?

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I would suggest get a code reader OBD2 at Sears or Pepboys for less than $50, then reset all the codes by disengage neg battery terminal momentarily. Do a test drive but bring the code reader with you once your engine light comes on take a reading right away otherwise other codes may add on when you drive any futher. This is a great way of isolating other non-related components. I found that out on my lexus with many codes but it turned out only 1 coil was defective. I replaced it 5 months ago and still going with no issues.
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The RX300 is a good car, the first four codes are misfire cylinders #2,#3 and #6. P1351/P1154 are both. Needs to be checked out could be many things. variable cam timing bank 2 problem, could be dirty or bad MAF sensor or problem due to infrequent oil changes.