Just purchased a used 2012 MDX with 25,000 miles. 2 steering related questions: on 2012 Acura MDX

1) Steering noise at very low speeds, like when you take off from a stop sign and turn either right or left. There is a bit of a "whine" or "straining" noise. The Acura dealer I purchased this from basically told me I had to learn to live with it because there is no fix, which I don't believe. At the time of purchase, I negotiated that this would be fixed and the dealer agreed in a standard "Due Bill".
2) The car pulls to the right, which is especially noticeable at freeway speeds. The dealer records show that they put on 1 new tire before putting it up for sale, which I believe is the problem. The car was aligned the other day, which helped, but the problem hasn't been corrected. Again, at the time of purchase, I negotiated that this would be fixed and the dealer agreed in a standard "Due Bill". The service writer told me that Acura's are designed to go to the right as a safety feature incase the driver falls asleep they won't head into oncoming traffic???? Then he said that all Honda products have been designed this way for years, which is funny because I traded in a 2006 Honda Pilot when I purchased this car, and it didn't pull to the right. Am I being fed a line by the service guy so that they don't have to put on an additional new tire, or ????

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This 2012 Acura MDX is an all wheel drive vehicle. It would be important to check if the tread depth on the tires is all the same or more than 2/32 different. On AWD vehicles the tire size and tread depth needs to be the same all around or the wheels will spin at different speeds and cause damage and noise.
The car should not pull to the right and the alignment report should be clear weather the toe and camber are adjusted into specification or going to cause pulling.
Thanks very much for the reply. I know they put one new tire on the vehicle prior to me purchasing it, so we'll check out the details. It sounds like a good place to start.
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