just need the name of that part... on 2002 BMW 745Li

I need to know the name of a hose that on the top part of my motor. this hose is some type of pressure or vacuum hose. the hard plastic inner wiring looking hose or line hose is located right under the bmw plastic cap ontop of the motor. the plastic hose or hoses extend from one of the head to the other side. one change i do notice or effect it had has on my car is that my air don't get as cold anymore, as well the power of my car overall... what type of hose or hoses is it....

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Some BMW dealership parts departments are very helpful, if you could call in to the parts department they will find the part with you on an electronics parts catalog. They may fax or email the parts image to you so you can pick it out.
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Stop by your local Napa store and ask the counterman to come look at it as they have rolls of every type of hoses available by the foot