just hit 40,000 now brake pedal slowly goes to floor. on 2006 Ford E-250

Replaced master cylinder with a brand new one and bled everything out real good. pedal is better but still creeps slowly to the floor. no leaks anywhere, is it a bad new master cylinder or is there somewhere else that system can leak internally and not be noticed?

by in Escondido, CA on November 17, 2012
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ANSWER by , November 17, 2012
COMMENT by , November 17, 2012
all the way around are disc. new brakes on front and rear are about half.
ANSWER by , November 17, 2012
What does the pedal do if you pump it without starting the engine? Was the old M/C leaking between it and the booster? If so , poss. problem with booster. Also was there any adjustment on pushrod between M/C and booster?
COMMENT by , November 18, 2012
Engine not running pump and hold the pedal and it still goes to the floor. not leaking between the master cylinder and booster . so the pedal still studly goes to the floor whether the motor is running or not.
ANSWER by , November 17, 2012
possibly a bad new one...
COMMENT by , November 18, 2012
thats what I'm thinking . I have rebled the system and double check everything . whether the motor is running or not the pedal still slowly goes to the floor. this is why I bought a brand new one instead of rebuilt one to begin with .
COMMENT by , November 18, 2012
Disconnect the M/C and plug the ports (probably with the plastic caps that it might have come with) and bleed just the M/C like that and see what it does--If you get a good pedal , then you've got a leak somewhere else. If the pedal still sinks without any fluid leaking by the plugs than you've got a bad M/C. Was the part from Advance Auto Parts? If so get your money back and get one from NAPA.
COMMENT by , November 18, 2012
Bought it from napa , bled system one more time and got more air out. Drive it tomorrow and if peddle still Goes to floor I will plug it off and try it soley like you suggest, that is a great idea.
COMMENT by , November 19, 2012
I hope you get it figured out. I also hope for my sake (not yours) that it is not the M/C since you already got it where I suggested.......always had the best luck with their parts. For your sake , whatever it is , I hope it's not a pain in the.................
COMMENT by , December 04, 2012
Latest update on my brake problem,I have replaced my new master brake cylinder from Napa with another new one from Napa and bled on bench and bled all four wheels real good. Got a lot of air out but samr problem, stops fairly good but right away peddle starts fading to the floor and I have to keep pumping to hold at a stop sign.