Just had right and left front wheel bearings replaced on my car. on 2003 Toyota Corolla

We purchased new tires and also replaced both front wheel bearings with genuine Toyota parts. The road noise and the vibration(especially under the passenger seat side is making it nearly impossible for me to enjoy driving the vehicle. Two reputable mechanics said the road noise would be resolved by replacing the wheel bearings. Now I am hearing a whistling squealing sound whenever I make a left turn. We have just under 150,000 miles on this car. We have maintained it. What else could be the cause of the noisy ride and vibration?

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possible they did not pack bearings with enough bearing grease or used the wrong type of lube. all wheel bearings require special high speed bearing lube. very specific, other wise its a waste. did you have this done at the dealer ship? gotta remember their focus is more on selling cars, not fixing them.
if it is the wheel bearings, noise will get louder, it will start binding, and eventually seize up entirely.
of course there is the possibility that the replacement part had some sort of manufacturing defect. if you have to try again, i rec. u use replacement part by napa or a company that specializes in replacement parts.
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sounds like the struts are bad push down a few times on one side or the other if it makes the noise you found the problem
Who replaced the parts????? A real mechanic or other? Sounds like other!!