1996 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

1996 Lincoln Town Car Question: just dies when driveng but starts right back up

all ready replaced feul pump altinator intak gasket o2 sensors plug and wires. -
Answer 1
Have exhaust flow insp. could be a failing catalytic converter restricting the exhaust and choking the engine. Also, describe conditions of stall: Sitting in idle, while driving, or under a load or heavy acceleration? -
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have brand new exhaust dies under load it dies when the ac kicks on after driving for some time -
Answer 2
agree with bak but also could be vac leak if stalling at idle. do you have any eng codes? -
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the code was egr i replaced it same problume also changed tps sensor and cleand intake and that goes with it -
Comment 2
Have your alternator tested for proper recharging. -
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alternator is brand spanking new. this is what i notice. when the ac compresser kicks on it damn near dies it idles below 500 when it kicks on. When i pull the ac clutch switch from ac compressor i start the car and run it in drive with parking brake on it doesnt want to die. Ac compressor is brand new. Also the whole upper half of the engine is new. Kinda wierd dont you think? -
Comment 4
do you have excessive pressure in a/c system? -