just dies on 1994 Oldsmobile 88

car will start up when setting for a while . drive down the road will die ,has died setting also .most of the time it will not start back up .checked fuel pressure when running around 34psi of with key on around 42psi. when it want start i have fuel pressure and spark but will not start .let it set overnight next day it starts up .drive it it will die again.some how the ejectors are loosing power

by in Warren, IN on March 10, 2010
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ANSWER by on March 11, 2010
I would recommend some more tests on your 1994 Oldsmoble 88. You should try and determine if the injectors are loosing their 12v power supply or the ground signal to fire from the Powertrain Control Module. If you are loosing the 12v signal then backtracking the power supply to the injectors would be the next step. If you are loosing the injector signal but you still have spark the fault could be with the ignition module, PCM, or the wiring between the two.
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ANSWER by on June 05, 2010
I had exactly the same problem and I found the answer. Under the carpet on the drivers side there is a ground junction (bar with tabs and black wires). It is the junction for the grounds from the fuel pump, power locks and windows. It is a poor design and the tabs get loose and moist under the carpet causing the fuel pump and power windows,locks etc to shut off. I paid about 3 tow truck drivers before I figured this out. Just take the junction apart and solder the grounds to it. Hope this helps!!
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COMMENT by on August 17, 2010
Thank You ive been tring to find the problem for months on my 1998 olds 88 the ground junction was the problem thanks again
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