just changed my maf sensor circuit and after the iat code came up on 2008 Toyota Corolla

this morning the car was not starting at all.what do i need to do as it shows on the dashboard low oil pressure.thank you

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First check the IAT to see if it is unpluged or damaged from MAF swap.
Now if i read you statment correctly you said car not starting and low oil pressure.
Is the eng. running now but with low oil press.? I mean you dont have pressure without the engine running.
Who changed the MAF?
a car electrical technician changed it for me.the engine is not running at all .its just on and the blinking of check engine,low oil pressure came up
Has the car cranked since the part swap?
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seek diag and est to get car running well
@Greg,what do you mean by diag and est.pls explain in a layman's language @wetry it sure do cranked the first time .afterwards it seize to cranked .i still moved it from the mechanics place back home yesterday
am unable to use my car scanner to scan since its not running,so please what can i do
seek a diagnositic and estimate from a good mech
Will engine rotate if turned by hand? If not , then internal engine damage from low oil pressure? Bad starter?