Just changed front brake pads. Now after driving 10to12 miles the front brakes on 1994 Toyota Camry

Begin to. Drag until the car comes to a stop

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At any point in the process of changing the front pads , did you bleed the brakes and possibly add the wrong type of fluid to the M/C? After 10-12 miles and the car comes 'to a stop' are the front rims REALLY hot?
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review dismantle of caliper. if it was difficult to open them, then pistons may need to cleaned and lubed. if old pads wear was lopsided, than may need to replace caliper. also review fluid colour. may need to bleed and renew. worst case is collapsed break line. doesn't happen often but it does.
they will work in about 100 miles or so. if its still rubbing after 100 miles i would check calipers
you need to check make sure you did it right or caliper brake is not opening, brake hose is not good check for fluid