just before i come to a slow stop the antilock brakes vibrate a little even when on 1998 Ford Windstar

even when not on ice/snow. happens always right before coming to the complete stop.

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have it ck'd by your mech and rec codes be scanned 1st then ck all other components
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check your rotors for warpage...
I have come across this problem with Ford products in the past. Try cleaning off all the metal filings and rust debris that is stuck on the ABS wheel speed sensors and reluctor rings. You may find that this takes care of your complaint especially if the ABS lamp is not setting.
Herb,I did take the windstar in and the mechanic found nothing wrong at all but did try to clean things up of which exactly I am not sure but he said it is entirely safe to drive, however to me it is such a surprise when it happens that I feel if I need to suddenly brake that it may be unsafe at that time. If I were to have a complete brake job on the fronts would this help at all? Thanks again. Kurt