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Johnson Lexus Durham at Southpoint
October 11, 2015

My new 2015 Lexus GX 460 has been in the service department no less than 15 times for variety of issues. About 10 of those times are in relation to the "radio" the part that operates most of the features such as music, ac/heat, navigation, park assist.

They have replaced the radio several times( I've lost count I think 5 new systems have been put in) and the vehicle still refuses to operate correctly. This is an operating system issue and they have no fix for it.

I have met with the sales manager and their original solution was to SELL Me another 2015 GX for an additional $10,000! I found that rather insulting.
After some more discussions with the Sales GM of the dealership they offered to "trade" me into a 2016 for an additional $6000. I have already paid $67000 and have never had a properly working car and they want me to buy another?

To illustrate just a few of the issues Ive had:
I was towed over 200 miles and 6 hours after the drivetrain went out at 2200 miles. They had to replace that whole part.
Then it started riding really rough and they said it was a bad tire and replaced that.
At about 3500 miles the whole navigation, radio,ac, park assist, and the whole computer operating system started to go in and out. Sometimes not working at all.
They keep replacing the system but it doesn't work.
Periodically it just refuses to start. For this issue they told me that my key was too close to my phone because both were in my pocket. Silly and just plain untruthful answers.

After doing research I've found that the OS in a lot of GX's are going bad and they don't have an update to fix it. So their solution is give you the run around until you put so many miles on the car you have to take a large hit for "usage".

Lexus has refused to step up and get involved not leaving many options. It's getting to the point that my only recourse is to take legal action as "Lemon". Imagine a dealer like Johnson Lexus refusing to stand behind a product they sell. We spent almost $250,000 with them last October buying a LX, GX and RX at the same time. If they won't step up to the plate and help a customer like me who has spent that kind of money with them what do you the they'll do for the average customer who buys just one car? Nothing, I can assure you that from experience.

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