Jetta running rough on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

I took my Jetta in for inspection. The check engine light was on. It was running great. Mechanic said it needed new vacuum hoses. They changed it and the light was still. They told my wife to drive it that night and bring back in morning. She pulled out of station and the car was running horrible. It died coming back into the station and would not start. Mechanic had gone home but owner said it was a coincidence. Needless to say, I was hot. It seems one time the mechanic forgot to plug something in and it ran really rough. Is that possible. They had to do something when they fixed the hoses. Any thoughts?

by in Houston, TX on February 24, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 24, 2009
People make mistakes, that's a part of life. Whether they fess up to them is what separates the good, honest people from the others. If they made a mistake, they should fix it and tell you what they did, or didn't do. If you feel like their trying to cover their mistake, or are not being fully honest then you should take it elsewhere, and talk to the owner and try to get your money back.
ANSWER by on June 19, 2009
well i had a similar experience with the check engine light in 2001 jettas there is a recall on the check engine light if you take it to a dealer it can get fixed for free but the most common problem that there is with the jetta is the mass air flow meter...!
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